Round Vs Teardrop Breast Implants

Often when a woman decides to have breast implants, one of her main concerns is whether she should get round or teardrop shaped breast implants.

With choosing the shape of your implants, bear in mind these points:

• Your existing shape may be better enhanced by one implant shape than another.
• An ideal shape is usually natural looking, with more filling at the bottom of the breast, and no visible bulge at the top
• Your desired result will affect the kind implant shape you choose

Traditionally, round implants have been the most common type used. This is mainly because in the past, patients experienced problems with teardrop implants rotating inside the pocket. This was resulting in uneven shapes that did not resemble the desired outcome.

When viewed from the side, teardrop implants have less filling in the top part, which tends to create a more natural look, with less of a bulge.

The other advantage of teardrop implants is that we can select the width independently from the height, which means that they can be closely matched to your existing dimensions.

Round implants have the same width and height, but not all women have the same breast shape. So using round implants is more limiting in terms of closely matching the woman’s requirements. With round implants, depending on your existing shape, you are more likely to see a bulge at the top of the breast.