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Vaser Liposuction is an effective way to permanently remove unwanted fat deposits, using an ultrasound technology specific to adipocytes (fat cells). We utilise Vaser Liposuction in both our Melbourne and Brisbane locations to improve a range of problem areas, including the neck, chin, thighs, knees, buttocks, hips, arms and stomach.

Vaser Liposuction not only removes areas of excessive fat accumulation – but can also show underlying muscle definition. That’s why it is preferred by those who exercise and eat healthily but cannot achieve good definition.


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An experienced and qualified surgeon

Dr David Topchian has performed over a thousand Vaser liposuction operations both in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Smoother results with a faster recovery

Vaser liposuction is specific to fat and leaves other tissues intact.

Walk-in walk-out for small areas

Vaser liposuction can be performed under local anaesthetic in our clinic as a walk-in walk-out procedure for small areas.

Day surgery for larger areas

For larger areas, an accredited day surgery will be the location (Melbourne or Brisbane) for your Vaser liposuction procedure. This will usually involve a general anaesthetic. Most patients are back to work within a week and start to see the results in a few weeks. Final results, including complete skin contraction, can take up to six months.

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Q & A


How is Vaser Liposuction different?

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A machine generates ultrasound waves transmitted through the tip of a cannula so that the energy is delivered right to the fat cells, liquifying them. Other tissue is not affected, unlike standard liposuction.

The cannulas used are more gentle than standard ones. This makes removing the liquified fat cells easier, which means less bleeding and a faster recovery.

The results are also smoother because the fat cells are easy to “vacuum”.

An added benefit is the greater skin contraction, stimulated by the heat produced by the ultrasonic waves.

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How is Hi-Def Vaser Liposuction different from Standard Vaser Liposuction?

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Cannulas used in Vaser liposuction have multiple openings to allow even collection of fat cells in the layer of fat that sits on top of the muscle. For high-definition liposuction, a second cannula is used with a single opening, enabling the fat cells to be removed closer to the surface to allow visual muscle definition.

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Who is this operation for?

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Ideally, liposuction is for people happy with their overall size and shape other than one or two areas with disproportionately more fat. Mostly these are people in good health who exercise and eat a high-quality diet but just can’t seem to shift difficult areas. They have found that focal fat reduction (for example, doing sit-ups to reduce abdominal fat) does not work.

For those generally overweight patients, liposuction to the abdomen and inner thighs can help motivate them to start exercising more and improve their lifestyle once they have seen a rapid improvement in their shape. However, it is not a weight-loss technique and is not recommended for large volume reductions.

If you have a prominent abdomen, you may have fat within the abdominal cavity, behind the muscle. This problem responds best to exercise and to eat well and cannot be improved with liposuction. Only the fat in front of the muscle can be reduced with liposuction.

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What is the recovery time?

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Most patients feel sore for two to three days. They can usually return to work after about four or five days. Special support garments need to be worn for four weeks. These are firm, supportive, elastic outfits that help to speed recovery and improve the contour. They are essential to achieving a good result.

By the end of the first month, most people feel back to normal as most of the swelling has gone down. There may still be some bruising and numbness which lasts for another few weeks.

The final result is usually seen at around the three-month stage when all the swelling should have settled and the skin contracted. The small incisions continue to improve for a year or two, becoming a barely visible blemish for most people.

Pain is usually manageable with analgesics. Lymphatic drainage massage can speed the recovery process and will be discussed if this is appropriate for you.

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Is fat removal permanent?

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Some people are concerned that the body can produce more fat or that the fat can move. This is not the case. The removal of fat is permanent.

Once you have a new shape, it will remain. But if you are in a positive energy balance (overeat or exercise too little), you will gain weight again and be a larger version of your new shape. The opposite is also true.

For some patients, it is worth seeing a doctor who specialises in Bioidentical Hormone Balancing as the balance between hormones may contribute to enlarging some fat deposits more than others.

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Which areas can liposculpture be performed on?

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The technique can be used in most areas, but some respond better than others:

  • Arms, thighs, knees, calves, hips, back – these are commonly operated on with a good outcome
  • Abdomen – responds well in the right patient; can be a good alternative to a tummy tuck
  • Chin – responds very well in most people and heals quickly
  • Suprapubic/mons – an area that responds well. It can cause genital bruising for a few weeks but resolves.
  • Breasts – liposculpture can be used as an alternative to surgical breast reduction in women who want to reduce by approximately one cup size
  • Buttocks – can be slightly improved but will not tolerate large volume removal

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Which areas can hi-definition liposuction be performed on?

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  • abdomen and obliques
  • arms, triceps and deltoids
  • chest in male patients
  • back

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Are there visible scars?

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The scars are nearly invisible for most people and cannot be seen after a few months of healing. The incision sites may darken for a few months but usually return to a more normal shade for people with dark skin.

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Will my skin shrink back once the volume is reduced?

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One of the challenges of this operation from a surgeon’s perspective is knowing when the right amount of fat has been removed from an area. If too much is removed, the skin might be too loose and not contract enough.

Younger patients with more elastic skin are more likely to have skin that contracts well. Older patients who have sun damage, loose skin, or lost significant weight before the procedure are more likely to have loose skin after liposuction. With the Vaser ultrasonic machine, the retraction of skin is enhanced.

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Are any special blood tests required?

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For most healthy people, no blood tests are required. Special tests may be necessary if there are medications or past medical history which may affect the operation or anaesthetic.

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