Muscle Relaxants: Anti-Wrinkle & Slimming Injections to Reduce Muscle Bulk

Tiny amounts of a liquid containing muscle relaxant medication are precisely injected into facial muscles, resulting in their relaxation. This relieves lines and wrinkles but can also be used to create a more harmonious facial shape. Treatments last 3-4 months on average and take only 10 minutes to administer. Results are seen after a week, as the muscles relax and lines start to dissipate. We have focused on individual areas of the face that may present for treatment, however, as with most things, it is the holistic approach that achieves the best results.

Forehead - From $100

Those little lines that criss-cross the forehead can be effectively treated with a series of tiny injections.

Frown - From $250

Patients who opt for this area to be treated often complain of vertical lines that tend to give the face an angry or scowling expression.

By relaxing the muscles that cause this problem, we often observe a smoothing of those lines and an improvement in the patient’s overall appearance.

Research has also shown that patients with migraines often experience an improvement in their symptoms.

Smile Lines - From $250

Those small lines that radiate from the side of the eyes when smiling can be reduced if they are over-active. This allows the delicate skin to remodel over a month or so and smooth out.

If required, the outer ends of the eyebrow can also be treated, to lift them and result in a more aesthetically-pleasing brown shape.

Chin - From $100

The ‘popply’ chin can be a result of an over-active mentalis muscle. With one or two small injections the muscle relaxes and smoothes the appearance of the chin.

A horizontal line underneath the bottom lip may also be improved when softening the function of the muscle.

Nose - From $100

When smiling lines can appear on the side of the nose, which can leave permanent creases in the skin. In women they are called ‘bunny lines’ (and in men ‘wolf lines’!).

Just one small injection can effectively relax the muscles, resulting in a smoothing of the overlying skin over about a month or so.

Mouth - From $100

As we age we lose volume in our face, the corners of the mouth can tend to look a little droopy. By relaxing some small muscles that pull the corners of the mouth down we can effectively produce a more ‘smiley’ mouth.

This treatment is best used in conjunction with a small amount of dermal filler.

Jaw - From $625

When the masseters (chewing muscles) are strong and prominent the face can take on a square shape. By treating these muscles they then reduce in size, not exerting such a strong pull on the underlying bone and in combination reducing the prominence of this area.

It is a good way to feminise an overly-masculine facial shape and jawline.

This treatment does last longer than other muscle relaxing treatments – up to nine months.

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