Dermal Fillers: To Restore Volume, Elasticity and Hydration & Reduce Wrinkles

Dermal fillers contain naturally-occurring proteins identical to those found in our skin. They are injected into varying areas and depths of facial tissues – depending on the desired objective. Our entire range of volume-enhancing products are made in a sterile laboratory. Lasting up to 18 months they are a subtle, yet powerful way to restore volume loss to correct facial proportions. The photos below showcase individual areas, although the best results are achieved with a full-face assessment and correction to ensure a fresh, balanced overall appearance.


Some of us are born with naturally full, plump, and beautiful lips – the rest of us have to work at it. Definition, proportion and symmetry are important to ensure natural results that help balance the face in a harmonious way. Due to the variable nature of our anatomy, no two lip treatments are approached in the same way – our practitioners undertake a thorough facial assessment and select a filler and technique tailored to each individual.

Younger patients wanting a small amount of volume to enhance the lips might require less than 1 mL; older patients with normal age-related volume loss might need 1mL or more, introduced over a couple of treatment sessions. This allows the product to naturally incorporate and integrate with the tissues, producing improvement in a gradual, subtle way.


The defined cheekbone and smooth, voluminous cheek are hallmarks of a beautiful, youthful face. During ageing, a loss of bony support and facial volume results in a sunken, tired appearance. Occasionally, genetics accelerates this process which can result in premature flattening of the cheek bone. Gel fillers can be used to replace lost volume, enhance the cheek bone, or a combination of both – resulting in a fresh, defined appearance.

For younger patients looking to create defined and striking cheekbones 1-2mL is often used. Patients with age-related volume loss may require 2mL or more, depending on the amount of volume replacement needed. Once achieved, results usually require maintenance treatment only once per year.

Under Eyes

Under-eye hollowing creates shadow & darkness under the eye, making us appear tired or run-down when we are not. This hollowing occurs due to a lack of volume and support to the ligaments underneath the eye. Replacement of lost volume and supporting the ligament with a gel filler reduces hollowing and darkness, recreating an appearance that is consistent with our fresh selves. Often, the result can be further enhanced by treating is the upper eye area – to raise the tail of the eyebrow, and create a natural freshening to the entire eye.

Chin & Jawline

For many people refinement of the chin and jawline can improve the overall shape of the face, define the jaw and highlight either feminine or masculine qualities (depending on the desired effect). Different techniques can be applied to enhance facial proportion in a younger client, or to tighten an ageing jawline.

This treatment applies equally well to men and women, although the placement of the product and the amount will vary between genders and a patient’s individual needs.


In the past the only way to change the appearance of the nose was with a formal, surgical rhinoplasty (nose-job). Now with the availability of highly bio-compatible gel fillers we can sculpt the nose to improve symmetry, straighten the appearance of a prominent ‘hump’ or create definition and height along the length of a low nose.

This ‘non-surgical rhinoplasty’ is unable to reduce the size of the nose, but is useful for gentle corrections of nasal appearance.


Dermal fillers can improve the quality of skin around the mouth, minimise fine lines on the top lip (often referred to as ‘smoker’s lines’ – although usually unrelated to smoking) and provide support to drooping mouth corners. Addressing these issues results in a more youthful, happier appearance. As the skin around the mouth is highly dynamic, it is imperative that treatment in this area is performed by a skilled practitioner with an understanding of how the tissue moves to ensure a natural result while speaking or smiling.

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