3D and 4D Non-Invasive Facelifts - The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Laser Treatments

With the arrival of our advanced European Fotona Laser, The Doctor’s Studio is able to offer next-level skin care.

These treatments are designed to lift, tighten, tone, and smooth the skin in a very natural way. This treatment includes a combination of laser modalities that treat the skin multi-dimensionally, where each part of the treatment serves a different purpose in restoring the skin from the inside out. These first of their kinds laser treatments are designed to specifically treat all signs of ageing, such as lack of skin elasticity, uneven skin tones, sagging jowls, and volume loss.

Fotona 4D

SmoothEye Treatment

The unique SmoothEye treatment provides a gentle yet rejuvenating result for the area around the eye. Remodelling and stimulation of new collagen provides a tighter and smoother feel and look to the area. It is also particularly effective in encouraging skin contraction of the upper eyelid, which makes this procedure a very popular non-surgical alternative to a traditional eye lift.

LipLase Treatment for Lip Volumisation

This non-surgical and non-invasive laser treatment stimulates the lips’ natural collagen production – resulting in fuller, more defined, and smoother lips. This treatment has no downtime, making it the perfect alternative to injectable treatments.

NdYAG Wavelength in the treatment of inflammatory skin disorders

The Fotona laser also safely and selectively targets a variety of different skin disorders, such as telangiectasia (visible blood vessels in the skin). It also has a beneficial effect on overactive sebaceous (oil) glands, reducing the bacteria count on the skin, and accelerates the healing process. These are all important steps in the treatment and the management of acne and rosacea.

TwinLight Fractional Rejuvenation

This is a 3-step procedure that significantly improves skin smoothness, giving it a fresher and healthier look. This treatment includes evening out skin tones, remodelling and tightening dull or worn-out skin. This is then followed by a superficial laser peel of the skin to reduce all surface imperfections.

Using fractional light to rejuvenate the skin can produce an effect that is perfectly graded to the clients’ concerns, and this offers a degree of control and efficacy that allows for highly precise sculpting of the skin. This treatment can therefore be tailor-made, and is beneficial in the treatment of acne scarring, and deep lines and wrinkles.

Micropeel Rejuvenation

One step down from the TwinLight Fractional Rejuvenation treatment, the Micropeel treatment is a minimal downtime treatment that polishes the skin by deeply exfoliating the outer-most layers, which immediately brightens and tones the skin texture. This lighter peel safely resurfaces the skin by reducing superficial imperfections, improving the appearance of fine lines and conspicuous pores.


This treatment offers a unique non-invasive, dual-wavelength laser for sculpting and tightening of all body areas. The first step heats the fat cells – which over a few months reduces their size and number. In combination with this, there is also a skin tightening effect. The second step consists of inducing surface collagen remodelling – resulting in an overall improvement in laxity and elasticity in the treatment areas. A series of 4 treatments are typically required for best results.

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