Face Lifting, Without Surgery

Our doctors have developed a treatment combination for facial rejuvenation that produces noticeable results – but doesn’t involve any surgery. We do this through a carefully selected combination of the latest technologies:

  • Ultrasound (Vaser) – ultrasound energy is used under the chin to melt fat and induce contraction of the tissues. Done under local anaesthetic in our clinic, patients need about a week off work and can start seeing the results immediately.
  • Laser (Fotona) – two laser wavelengths combine to activate your own tissues. Your own tissues are plumped, tightened and brightened using a fractional, minimal-downtime setting that’s much easier to recover from than the original laser resurfacing.
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  • Radio-frequency (FaceTite) – by directly heating the tiny ligaments that suspend the facial skin, this technique allows lifting of the face – from within.
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  • Biological cellular rejuvenation (NanoFat) – harvesting your own fat we can safely and permanently increase your facial volume in a way that looks total natural, and totally you. Fat contains high concentrations of stem cells, which will improve your skin quality and work synergistically with the other treatments in this package.
  • Platelet-rich plasma (EmCyte) – your platelets are a rich source of growth factors and cytokines – molecules that are important in your body’s rejuvenation cascade. Gently injecting them into the right areas of the face improves the skin’s glow and overall health.
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  • Collagen stimulators (Ellansé) – microspheres, made of a collagen-stimulating protein that can last up to four years, are the active ingredient in this soft tissue filler that looks and feels completely natural.
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  • Facial threads (Silhouette Soft) – temporary lifting threads can be used to lift the sagging tissues of the face and neck, producing a rejuvenation that can last up to 2 years.
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