Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) in our Melbourne Clinic

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Unfortunately, our peepers are also one of the first places where we start to notice the signs of age. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest in the body, so when we age the eyes are often the area that shows this first. While some people may experience wrinkling, others may notice more significant changes such as drooping eyelids, eye bags and excess skin. In some cases, the drooping of the lid may get to a point where it affects vision as fold of the skin make it harder to fully open the eyes.

For those who are looking to minimise the signs of age around this area, an eye lift or eyelid surgery may be an option. Patients may choose to target only the upper lids, or can select a double eyelid surgery if necessary.

The upper eyelid can be reduced and lifted, with the scar being hidden in the crease above the eyelid.

Lower eyelids are more technically difficult because of the junction with between the lower eyelid and cheek skin and underlying structures. There are a number of techniques that can address the sagging tissues and place scars in hidden areas.

It’s important to note that people of any age can suffer from conditions such as puffiness, eyebags or droopy lids, and other factors besides age can play a part in the appearance and elasticity of your skin. Things like lifestyle, sun damage, exposure to the environment and genetics will all play a part. Because of this, we see patients from many age groups looking for treatment options.

Benefits of Eyelid Surgery with Dr David Topchian

  • Experienced, qualified surgeon
  • Natural results with a rapid recovery
  • Can be done under local anaesthetic in our clinic
  • All-inclusive, premium surgical and recovery package

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