Male Breast Reduction Surgery (Gynecomastia) in our Melbourne Clinic

When men’s breast tissue is overly prominent, it can result in embarrassment and restriction of social activities like swimming or exercise. Surgery to address this issue can address just the fat, through liposculpture, but can also be combined with removal of excessive breast gland tissue.

What causes Male Breasts to occur?

Gynecomastia, or having prominent breasts (aka man boobs) can be an embarrassing problem for men, who will avoid wearing T-shirts or taking their top off at the beach. The cause of the problem is often unknown, but may include excessive estrogen, use of certain medications, and even ageing.

Benefits of Male Breast Reduction Surgery

  • Use of Vaser ultrasound to assist in removal of fat and glandular tissue
  • Small scar technique
  • Minimal down time – back to work in 3 days
  • All-inclusive, premium surgical and recovery package (in-clinic procedure)

Male Breast Reduction Treatment Options

There are two types of tissues which can produce a protuberant breast/chest: fat, and glandular breast tissue. In general, the glandular tissue is firm when compared to fat, and may require excision to adequately flatten the chest. If the problematic tissue is fat, then liposuction is a good method to achieve a flatter chest.

Further medical tests may be required to check if the underlying problem is of a hormonal nature that requires special treatment.

Male Breast Reduction Before & After Images


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