Removal of Fat Cells through Vaser Liposuction in our Melbourne Clinic

Traditional liposuction is an effective way to permanently remove unwanted deposits of fat. Using an ultrasound technology, that is specific to adipocytes (fat cells) takes the technique of liposuction (also called liposculpture or Vaser for those more artistically inclined) to the next level. At our clinic in Melbourne, we can provide Vaser liposuction to a range of problem areas, including the neck, chin, legs (thighs and knees) buttocks and stomach.

Benefits of Liposuction with Dr David Topchian

  • Experienced and qualified surgeon
  • Surgeon who has successfully performed over a thousand liposuction operations
  • Smoother results with a faster recovery
  • Vaser is specific to fat and leaves other tissues intact
  • All-inclusive, premium surgical and recovery package

For small areas liposuction can be performed under local anaesthetic, in our clinic as a walk-in walk-out procedure; if larger areas are involved then an accredited day surgery would be the location for your procedure and usually a general anaesthetic (you are asleep for the operation).

Most patients are back to work within a week and start to see the results in a few weeks. Final results, including full skin contraction, can take up to six months.

Using this technique it is possible to not only remove areas of excessive fat accumulation, but to show the underlying muscle definition. It is a method that might be of benefit to those people who exercise and eat well, but cannot achieve good definition.

Can be combined with fat transfer.

The fat doesn’t go anywhere else

Once the fat is removed it cannot travel to a new location. So your new shape is permanent, but if you gain weight over time the remaining fat cells can increase in size. But you won’t go back to your old shape.

Vaser is specific to fat cells

During the procedure the fat is liquified before removal, which means that more gentle cannulas can be used to extract the fat, which means that it is easier to recover from a Vaser liposuction than the standard technique.

Exercise & Dieting can't spot reduce fat deposits

Many people diet and exercise hard but don’t see enough result to justify the sacrifice. And that’s just due to genetics. So if you have tummy fat then doing heaps of sit-up won’t necessarily reduce just the tummy.

Liposuction is an effective method of permanent fat removal for a range of areas, from the neck to the stomach and legs. It works best for people who are at their ideal weight but just can’t shift fat from a problem area.

Hi Def technique produces better muscle definition

With this more advanced technique the fat from just underneath the skin is removed, resulting in a more defined appearance.

It does take longer to fully recover and requires longer in the operating room, but no other procedure can achieve comparable results.

Liposuction Before & After Images


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