The Doctor's Studio offer Butt Implant Augmentation in our Melbourne Clinic

Buttock augmentation or buttock implants, also known as gluteal implants or gluteoplasty is a surgical procedure to insert a silicone gel filled implant to enhance the size, shape and appearance of the buttock. This requires two incisions that are carefully placed either side of the buttock crease to minimise visual scars. A pocket is made behind your gluteus muscle. Then an implant is placed behind muscle.

During the consultation process our surgeons will discuss the patient’s ideal outcome and together decide on an implant shape and size to best achieve the desired look. As the contour and definition of the buttocks is affected by the shape and size of surrounding tissue, buttock augmentation surgery is often performed in conjunction with liposuction to areas such as hips, waist and upper thighs to further enhance the contour and shape of the buttocks.

Benefits of Buttock Implant Surgery with Dr David Topchian

  • Safest, most natural looking and feeling implants available
  • Rapid Recovery Technique
  • Day surgery – home a few hours after surgery
  • All-inclusive, premium surgical and recovery package

What is the recovery like?

Most people need to take about a week off work. People vary in their recovery and also in the work they do so this is quite individual. Lying flat or sitting upright for one week is required to avoid pressure on the implants, which are placed above the bone that you sit on.

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